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If you can dream it, you can find it in porcelain.  With today's technology, you can find just about any texture - stone, realistic wood look, high gloss, rich matte.  From tiny mosaic pieces to astoundingly large-format tiles.  The sky's the limit when it comes to finding a porcelain tile to match your unique vision.

Porcelain floor tile has become the industry standard for quality and durability. These tiles will offer the absolute hardest, most durable surface you can use on a floor. Usable for both residential and commercial, these tiles will last the life of a structure in most cases with minimum upkeep.  Unglazed versions with special textures are available for use outdoors.

Like the floor tile, even porcelain wall tile is a very high density, high fired product which has superior durability (though less so, of course, than the floor grade tile). These tiles are appropriate for kitchen counters, shower walls, backsplashes, etc. The glazes on the porcelain tiles are known for a higher range of color variation, giving a rich, custom look. Porcelain tile is also frost-proof, so it can be used in swimming pools and fountains as well as on outdoor cooktops. Finishes can range from glossy smooth to stone rough.

Glass Tile

Glass tile is perfect for a kitchen backsplash or a shower wall.  The way light reflects and passes through the tile can bring a dimensionality and depth that can take a room to the next level of sophistication.  Try larger-format glass subway tile (such as 4x12, as opposed to the traditional 3x6 subway size) in a frosted finish for a sleek, modern look.

Each type of glass tile has its own unique appearance and translucency.  Cast glass is a solid product that consists of a hot liquid that is poured and then cooled. The color is either applied to the back of the tile, or within the glass itself.  Cut glass is a large piece of glass cut into smaller pieces, similar to mosaics.  Layered or laminate glass is a layered product that literally "sandwiches" different pieces of glass together. It is then heated, or fused together to create one unit.  Fused glass is similar to layered glass, whereas different pieces are fused together to create one piece. However, fused glass gives a designer of mosaic artist more artistic control and can utilize different shapes of glass to create one piece (for example a triangular piece fused to a square piece).

Marble, Slate, Granite

Marble, slate, granite, limestone, travertine - the timeless, natural beauty of stone is a stately addition to any living space.  For example, white marble 12x24 tiles can create a stunning classical feel for a kitchen or bath that works with many different home styles.  Slate is a wonderful choice for a mudroom floor.

Inlaid stone mosaics are created by combining marble or limestone into intricate decorative patterns. They are normally produced using a high-pressure water jet cutting system which can create delicate curves not obtainable with normal sheet mounted mosaics. The pieces are then assembled by hand to a backing that holds them all together, simplifying installation. Final finishing includes filling the tight seams and sealing the entire stone surface. The surface finish is normally honed rather than polished. The finished result is a look unlike any other type of stone border. This material has become very popular for kitchen backsplashes, fireplaces, and bathrooms. Floor medallions are perfect to create a grand entryway into your home.

To achieve a very rustic, old-world appearance, tumbled stone is a great option. Four-inch tumbled marble is quite popular for kitchen backsplashes as an exquisite pairing with granite countertops. Tumbled stones also make very durable, non-slip floors. Due to its naturally porous surface, it's imperative that all tumbled stones must be thoroughly sealed with a high-quality sealer.


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